The Visionary


From a humble and rough beginning, Jenny started journaling to cope with traumatic experiences in her life. Her writing expanded to include songs, poetry, prose, short stories, essays, and other creative writing projects. More recently, Jenny is in the process of writing a memoir and a second book. 

Jenny started learning to play the keyboard when she was eight years old. At the age of thirteen, she received a second keyboard, which she still performs with today. Over the years, Jenny also learned to play the piano and organ. — All of which are self-taught. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she took to learning Blues and Rock music on her electric and acoustic guitars. 

To stave off depression, Jenny learned to sketch and draw at a young age. Her artwork has evolved to digital art vectors and digital illustrations. She received high praise for her work from singer Jean McClain and country rock artist Rick Jones, among many others.

Jenny wishes to share her view of the world with others through her photography. All of her digital photos are taken with her iPhone Xs and Nikon D3200. Very rarely she uses filters, as she feels it takes from the natural beauty of what she captures.

Years later, Jenny Lillard is devoted, tenacious, determined, ambitious, and jovial. She strives to inspire and encourage others through all of her work. Jenny currently lives with her husband on the Navajo Reservation, assisting him with his business, Arizona Explorations.